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Working Together for a Healthier You

Thank you for allowing me to help you on your journey through natural personal care. I have dedicated over 20 years to learning, studying and practicing the herbal arts and now I am prepared to share my knowledge and skills with you.

All of the herbs, formulas, oils and teas that I use are acquired from organic, GMO-free suppliers or from my very own garden.

Together, we will work with you to discover the best herbal solutions for your individual needs. Each formulation is custom tailored to your uniqueness, because after all, nature made you that way!

Enjoy the gifts of Nature!

Brightest Blessings,

Kelli McCloud—Clinical Herbalist

Potent Potions & Enchantments By Kelli

Services We Provide

* Herbal formulations (tinctures/teas), supplement and dietary recommendations with full case histories and follow-ups

* Ready-made and custom skincare products for skin ailments and sensitive skin

* Aromatherapy

* Gift baskets and products for all occasions

Consultations are available in-person (locally in North Jersey) or via phone, Zoom, or Skype. Initial consultation is 1-2 hours (depending on case history) and is $75. During consultations, you'll be asked to provide your most recent blood work, 3-day diet diary, list of medicines/supplements with dosage & frequency, and any other pertinent documentation available. Depending on the complexity of your case, you'll will be offered a herbal formulation recommendation, along with any dietary/supplement/lifestyle recommendations within 7-10 business days. Follow-up consultations are $50 (not including cost of herbal formulation).

Currently, we are offering FREE consultations to determine if you can benefit from our services. Call Kelli at 973-489-7821 or email: ppherbal@yahoo.com to see what we can do for your current health concerns.

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PP Follow-up Visit - Add'l
PP Follow-up Visit - Add'l
Our Price: $25.00

Potent Potions Follow-up Visit (additional) more info
PP Follow-up Visit
PP Follow-up Visit
Our Price: $50.00

Potent Potions Follow-up Visit #1 more info
PP Consultation - Initial
PP Consultation - Initial
Our Price: $75.00

Potent Potions - Initial Consultation more info